Wise Steps Travel in Regards of Concerning Responsible Tourism

Write by ; Nadia Natasha Wiharja : The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has approved the adoption of 2017 to be an International year of Sustainable Tourism Development. In addition to mark and embrace the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainable development covers so many aspects in life. But let us take a simple example from tourism practices, which also could be a driven to promote sustainable development. Indonesia, as a really astonishing country with the biggest archipelago in the world, should and deserves to be treated as responsible and sustainable as possible. Not to mention a really massive development in tourism industry, really making Indonesia to be one of the must visit countries in terms of tourism.

With all those terms and conditions, the development of tourism should gradually change to support the diversity of biological and environmental in Indonesia. Moreover, tourism has a big potential to be the one that raise awareness to act and be a responsible community towards environment. As we know, the youth in Indonesia are now eager on taking part to raise the voice about environment and community empowerment through several ways. The most popular way, would be through photography that is posted on social media like Instagram. It is such a great way to really get into what sustainable development is about. We can walk on the first step in tourism, and act how to be a responsible traveler wherever possible and give the best impacts to every parties we encounter, like the environment itself and community.

Wise Steps Travel has been taking its part to be one of the pioneers in Indonesia regarding responsible and educational travel company. The company aims to promote “Responsible Tourism” practices in Indonesia, means we act upon reducing negative impacts caused by our activities and increasing positive impacts by giving back to local environmental project and community-based tourism project. For example, on every tour we hold, we will provide travelers with refillable water bottle, biodegradable tissue, and no plastic waste.

The policy that the company has, is based on the act of how to be a responsible traveler in every destination. From carbon dioxide offset, no waste, animal welfare, appropriate behavior towards local children, and the company gives its 10% profit to the local projects so it could generate income for the local project to develop and give the best education to local community.

Moreover, as a part of Indonesian, we need to act upon what is happening in the world. Sustainable development is the best example to look at to inspire ourselves and be a responsible community to reach the goals of sustainable and protect Indonesia with its diversity through tourism.

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