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Most people come to Bali to experience the rich cultural heritage, and some go to the beaches and waves, some coming from conferences and meetings, and others to an experience of pure relaxation. But if you are a nature lover Jatiluwih Miss is a panoramic view of rice fields and fertile roots Batukaru volcano on the south coast.

Located in the western district of Tabanan. The highlands of western Europe Batukaru are famous for breathtaking landscapes. The view from the mountain village has everything Jatiluwih in southern Bali. Located on a mountainside, Jatiluwih deserves the title, meaning “great.” A wonder of the world. The value of a company.

You will be able to travel in the morning leaving the hotel at 09.00 hours. In the morning, there are many ways to Bali to see and everyone responds well to his own purpose. Bicycles are a great (though dangerous) the ability to see the countryside and experience the coldest in a car. Jeeps and trucks are also available for hire – with or without using the controller. We recommend that you enjoy going into the engine before starting a journey.

After passing the town of Ubud, the road north through the towns of Wanasari, Jegu, Buruan Wangaya and Gede. Along the way you may be surprised by a beautiful country house country in general, a small shrine to the goddess Dewi Sri elections as rice, plow, swarms geese are fed and cleaned every day in flooded rice fields and harvest, the image of Bali souvenir. Rice fields terraces cascade significantly the properties of most of the investment landscape.

If farmers in rice plants or crops, and when it comes to experience, you can stop and combined, can be seen with pleasure. “Hi, Turis, ALO tourism” adopted by the laughter of children are common everywhere in Bali hello. Older people are the eyes very quiet, but funny how the more modest greeting of “Mau Kémana” (where you go) to see. Touring in Bali could be exciting to see the floor, turn right towards the center of Bali, life, even if you do not have to go far to hear.

On the road in the village Wanasari is a butterfly park, and we have several species of tropical butterflies. After the temple of Pura Luhur is the sacred source of Air Panas, where hot water comes from the riverbanks. All strange natural phenomena, it is believed to be haunted. So, friends Aria decorated with a small temple where people take their prayers to the offer.

The tour continues along the road until it ends in Pura Luhur unnecessary Batukaru (2,278 m / 7,474 m). Because it is probably one of the temples of Bali commemorated, all west of Bali temple has a shrine dedicated to her, but populated after cleaning his solo on farmland. The dense rainforest of the plateau is invited to all adventurers to explore. Wild orchids, herbs, spices and exotic trees are at the heart of this mystical and soul of this beautiful island.

Then, the final destination (the destination of the trip) is the Jatiluwih mountain resort, the breathtaking views of reality and the most fertile rice fields of the island. It is said that as the granary of the whole of Bali. Located on a high slope with terraces, Jatiluwih its name, meaning “beautiful reality”. The cascading terraces of rice fields are probably the options available to the landscape. Pull the volcano’s southern coast Batukaru. The cold-West Highlands, overlooking half of the island and offers stunning views.

Jatiluwih to many types of tropical vegetation, coffee, coconut, cocoa, cloves, jackfruit, banana, papaya, sirsaks, a very juicy fruit, rambutan, mango, durian stinky, country, etc. show Western High is essentially the attractive area for walking. For lovers of climbing (do not forget your picnic basket). A true journey of the soul of Bali hidden. But if you want your food in a restaurant, continue their journey from east to Pacung, there is an excellent restaurant and a delicious buffet – with its magnificent views of the discipline of the rice terraces and sacred volcano in the distance Batukaru.

Waka Land Cruise a reputable company organized a trip to the secret soul of the sacred in Bali. Travel by legendary luxury Land Rover Land, rural roads and small paths through the terraced rice fields and untouched rainforest to the real heart of Bali coronary.

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